Monday, November 7, 2011

Showing Some Book Cover Love

I took Venessa to Barnes and Nobles one Saturday for storytime. As she sat with the other kids listening to stories and then playing with the train set they have set up, I wandered through the shelves of the Children’s section. It seems the kids get some of the best covers for books! Look at some of these:

This is so lovely! Jack and Hazel are best friends but when they turn eleven, Jack begins to drift away. But his best friend believes that something more sinister is at work. This sounds like a good one to read with Venessa.

This looks like so much fun! It’s like a Choose Your Own Adventure book and I LOVED those as a kid! It's based on real facts about mountain climbing and Mount Everest. This is another one I think Venessa and I would have a good time reading together.

This cover just jumped out at me. Look at that determined look on her face! It has such a muted color palette but it really stands out. And the story sounds like a Tiny X-Men: The Elementary School Years!

This looks like a movie poster to me and I think it did its job. It really drew me in and sounds like a fun story to read with Venessa too. I want to know where these kids are going and if I can go with them! B&N, put this book at the top of the shelf! It shouldn't be hiding at the bottom. Shame on you!

These were just too pretty to not take a picture of and I’ve read great reviews for all three.

To me it’s not so much the cover but that I’ve been seeing this book around a lot and it's tempting me. I read The Lightning Thief and The Sea of Monsters and really enjoyed them. Do not be surprised if I pick this one up for myself, even though I haven't read Book One. Gah, book series! So many to keep up with!

This one is just too darn cute! Little mice at sea! Awwww!

And I know I’ve been wanting a vintage copy of Captain Blood, but I had to see what B&N had available:

I like the pirates fighting, the title graphic and then there’s an introduction by Bernard Cornwell. I’m just not diggin the pirate pointing the guns at me. Gah, so close yet so far! But I don’t know… that Bernard Cornwell intro just might seal the deal. He’s awesome! Have you ever read any of the Richard Sharpe books? They’re full of action, adventure and excitement. I’m almost willing to put up with the funny looking pirate but ugh, the mustache.

I don't remember him having a mustache and I'm in the middle of my second reading of Captain Blood and so far they have not said anything about him having one. This bothers me. If he does not have a mustache, then why put a character, that is obviously meant to be Captain Blood, on the cover with a mustache? Someone has not read the book and this is annoying. A book cover should reflect the story inside. Not what a graphic artist presumes it's about.

I just really, really hate mustaches.

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