Friday, October 14, 2011

The Hunt

I’m on the hunt for two books:


Obviously I could get them from Amazon or Ebay but that’s no fun. The challenge is to find them myself, locally. And of course I accept this challenge because it gives me a good excuse to go to bookstores, yard sales, etc and find other gems.

Captain Blood is special. I found it on Project Gutenberg by searching for “pirates” and in the list of results, the title caught my eye. This book has potential to be a woobie book it's that wonderful! And not only does it deserve space on the ereader but it also deserves space on the shelf. But I don’t want a brand new copy. I want a used, vintage copy. It’s such a good book with a charming character that I want the physical copy to reflect that.

Now The Firelings was once in my possession. I had a copy before we moved to Florida and had started reading it. Then after that, there’s a blank. I have no idea what I did with it and it didn’t make it through the move. And as far as I can figure out, the book is no longer in print, so my only hope is a used copy or my sister miraculously finds my copy and sends it my way.

So, any volunteers to help me track these two books down? We don't need to bother with the Goodwill on Monroe for a while. I was just there and didn't find them... but I found other books!


  1. I hope I do find it. I really wanna read it again. I love that book!!

  2. I'm so mad at myself for letting it disappear!