Friday, October 7, 2011

Mom Movie Memories

My mom passed away 4 years ago. She was not much of a recreational reader. I do remember her reading to my sister and I the book, The Monster at the End of this Book. But as we got older, we read a lot but my mom not so much (she usually read religious materials or magazines). We made plenty of visits to the library but while my sister and I checked out books, my mom checked out movies.

Earlier this year my husband found Superman streaming on Netflix and we sat back one afternoon to watch. It reminded me so much of sitting with my mom watching movies. This was a movie we would always watch together whenever it was on TV. I have a lot of movie memories with my mom and I wanted to share some of them:

The Man From Snowy River
We always got a thrill from the scene with the wild horses running down the steep hill. It’s so beautiful.

This was one of our favorites. I think my mom would of have been upset about the remake. Seriously, why mess with perfection?

Back to the Future Parts 1-3
I remember we had these on VHS and we were really excited when 2 and 3 finally came out in theaters. For years we would watch the first one and say they’d never make the sequel.

Grease and Grease 2
I don’t think my mom knew there were some “questionable” lyrics to Greased Lightning considering we usually watched Grease on TV. But we were big fans of both and watched them constantly. Why are these movies not streaming on Netflix?!

The Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer
Myrna Loy (so pretty!), Cary Grant, a teenage Shirley Temple with a crush on Cary Grant’s character! It’s too too cute and my mom always got a kick out of the riddle:

Hey, you remind me of a man.
What man?
Man with the power.
What power?
Power of hoodoo.
You do.
Do what?
Remind me of a man...

Westward The Women
This one was great, especially watching the horrible colorized version.

There are plenty of other movies we’ve sat together to watch a lot. But these I will always associate with my mom. Love and miss you, Mommy!