Monday, November 21, 2011

Movie Madness: Immortals and Breaking Dawn Part 1

I got to enjoy a four day weekend and with that I saw two movies. I saw Immortals with my husband on Thursday for my birthday and then on Sunday, I saw Breaking Dawn Part 1 with my friend, Caz. So the verdict (and FYI there will be spoilers):


The Good – Mickey Rourke, Stephen Dorff (sidekicks are always fun) and some OK fight scenes.

The Bad – Theseus (really, this is the new Superman?) was dull and I totally did not buy him trying to fire up an army to fight. You couldn’t tell the gods apart other than Zeus, but only because he was mentioned by name, as well as Athena, who, again, was mentioned by name. I did recognize Poseidon but only because I’ve read The Lighting Thief and know Poseidon carries a trident. Otherwise, who the hell were the other gods there fighting the Titans? Oh, and there weren’t enough abs and we saw this in 3D and didn’t care for it. It looked blurry and dull. Boo.

Breaking Dawn Part 1

The Good – I LOL through the whole movie.

The Bad – The movie. But of course I was expecting that since I did read the book. And I’m really disturbed by the fact that I remembered that damn styrofoam cup and straw Bella drinks her blood from and that she was eating fried chicken when she got sick and discovered she was pregnant with the demon spawn. Seriously, in a house of blood suckers who hunt wild animals for blood, they have a cup and straw readily available? It was probably mentioned in the book where it came from but who cares. And I mean, really? The first thing that comes to mind after getting sick after eating undercooked chicken is you’re pregnant? And that’s not all but I really don’t want to get into it. And since I did read the book I know I will not be seeing Part 2 only because a whole lot of nothing happens so why bother. At least in part one we got to watch Bella turn into Gollum (Caz's description that was very appropriate) and were totally grossed out with Jacob imprinting with Renesmee (worst. name. ever.).

So not the greatest of movies but I did have a good time so that’s what counts! The last movie I saw in the theatre was Fright Night so it was good to get out and catch up with what’s out there and now it’s got me in the mood to see more movies. The new Sherlock Holmes is coming so I’m totally looking forward to that (LOVE Robert Downey Jr.!) as well as The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (haven’t read the book yet but not sure if I will bother before the movie) and Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol (but only for Jeremy Renner. Tom Cruise, Boo.).

Soooo… anyone else see any good movies this weekend and what new ones are you looking forward to?

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