Thursday, December 8, 2011

It's Looking A Lot Like Christmas!

Which means fun with Christmas movies! At our house we have our favorites and I wanted to share some them with you and talk about movies I actually LIKE! (Sorry for being such a bitter crank about Transformers 3. Actually, no, I’m not sorry, carry on…):

The Santa Claus This is not really one of my favorites but my daughter loves it, especially the extra features on the DVD. She really likes the game that unlocks a cartoon and the Wolfgang Puck segment where he makes pizza, cookies and hot chocolate. Venessa wants to leave a pizza for Santa now.

Elf We LOVE this movie. I really love Will Farrell’s, Buddy. He’s so obnoxious but it’s a fun, na├»ve obnoxiousness that you can’t help but like him. And it’s not just Buddy, there’s so many things going on in this movie, these little Easter Eggs of goodness, such as Amy Sedaris as the secretary on the phone about taking care of a litter of kittens, or the toy department manager giving Buddy and Jovie grief and insisting on six inch ribbon curls. This movie really puts you in the holiday spirit near the end when everyone starts singing "Santa Claus is Coming To Town".

A Christmas Story Another family favorite with some of the BEST lines:

“I can’t put my arms down!”

“Fra-gee-lay. That must be Italian.” “Uh, I think that says fragile, dear.”

“A crummy commercial? Son of a bitch.”

And the most famous, “You’ll shoot your eye out!” followed up with “Oh my god! I shot my eye out!”

And who doesn’t want a leg lamp shining brightly from their living room window? Ralphie is hilarious and this is one of the rare movies where the child actors ACT like real kids. You can just feel the wonder and excitement of Christmas morning when you watch this movie.

Christmas Vacation This movie has one of my all time favorite quotes:

“Merry Christmas! Shitter was full!”

I mean, is it really that bad to walk out of your house to find Eddie, in his underwear and robe dumping the shitter from the RV into the sewer?

Yes, it is. Stay classy, Eddie.

And how about Clark’s epic melt down:

“Hallelujah! Holy shit! Where's the Tylenol?”

Already these movies have been on heavy rotation at our house and will continue to do so for the rest of the month. We have others, such as Home Alone, Jingle All the Way, A Christmas Carol, etc. but the four above are the classics in our house.

Now it’s your turn to share. Which holiday movies are your favorites and which ones will you be watching 10+ times throughout December?

For some holiday spirit (and to erase the image of Eddie in his robe), go to Youtube here to watch Judy Garland singing "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" from one of my favorite movies, Meet Me in St. Louis (I would have embedded the video but all the good ones wouldn't let me. The nerve!).

Happy Holidays!


  1. My fav's would be A Christmas Story and Home Alone. Andrew insists on having Jingle All the Way playing on loop at Toy Fusion so watching it 3 times in a row has caused me to grow tired of it.

  2. Jingle All The Way is horrid, but Phil Hartman is hilarious in it.

  3. It is pretty bad but the funny thing is Andrew actually has 2 Turbo Man dolls for sale in the store.