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The Legend of Korra Episode 8: When Extremes Meet

Alright, I’m going to see if I can do this.  I’ve already caught up with sharing my thoughts on The Legend of Korra, Episodes 1 through 7, found here and here.  I’m thinking that each week I’ll include a write up after each episode airs from now on.  I was going to wait until the end of the season but this last episode just had so much going on that I just couldn’t wait and had to comment on it.  If I can handle this I will comment on each episode every Tuesday (as long as the wifi continues to rock, as it has been lately, because I don’t have cable so I watch each new episode online and Nick uploads the new ones on Mondays).  These will be filled with spoilers because I want to talk about it and I can’t do so without revealing everything.  So, what happened in When Extremes Meet...?

A whole lot of awesome, that’s what!

We begin with Asami, Bolin and Mako moving to Air Temple Island. Lin Beifong has stepped down as Chief of Police, Republic City’s new police chief, Saikhan is introduced and he has no backbone and will be reporting directly to Tarrlock, of course.  Tarrlock rattles Korra’s confidence, telling her she’s only a half baked Avatar, which leads to a conversation with Tenzin who urges Korra to meditate on the visions she’s experienced thinking Aang’s spirit is reaching out to her.  Asami, Mako and Bolin help too letting her know they got her back and together they form the New Team Avatar and capture some escaped convicts and chi blockers.  Tarrlock is not happy with Korra going rogue but makes up for it when he introduces a controversial law enforcing a curfew on all non-benders.  When the law is approved by all the council members, except Tenzin, Team Avatar happen upon an “Equalist Rally” of “armed” non-benders and Korra is reminded she is the Avatar to everyone, not just benders.

When Korra tries to intervene, the situation worsens when Tarrlock refuses to listen to reason and has the so-called Equalists rounded up and Asami, Bolin and Mako are arrested.

When the combined efforts of Tenzin and Korra don’t work to get her friends out of jail, Korra goes to face Tarrlock alone.  We get an intense fight between Korra and Tarrlock where we find out Tarrlock is a blood bender and it’s not even a full moon!

Talk about extremes meeting!  Tarrlock is fighting dirty and completely abusing his power not only as a bender but as a council member.  He’s a great villain!  I love how he twists and manipulates things with his words.  It’s exactly the thing Amon is fighting against with the Equalists.  This is not going to turn out well.  And this new law against non-benders is edging very close to Nazi Germany and segregation territory.  This is scary and is very deep stuff for a Nickelodeon show!

Apparently I missed that little detail that blood bending is only possible on a full moon.  So how can Tarrlock do so when it’s not?  And who taught him?  So many questions!  Even in Korra’s flashback the man on trial, Yakone, looks to be using blood bending, even on Aang!  What is going on here?!  

And are the flashbacks a way for Korra to connect with her past lives?  Why hasn’t Korra reached the Avatar State?  Does it have something to do with the blood bending happening in the flashback?  And where is Tarrlock taking her?!

This episode really propels the story forward.  It’s intense and going into a very dark place.  But it’s just creating even more questions!  I love it!


Tarrlock could be the son of Yakone.  But what do they want?  A world of only benders?  See more questions!

Memorable Moments:

Meelo flirting with Asami

Ikki asking Asami if she knew that Korra likes Mako and Korra’s reaction

Fart bending.  Gross.

The high speed chase through Republic City and Asami's excellent driving skills on full display and her quick thinking utilizing the benders abilities

Korra’s fight with Tarrlock was intense and they sure beat the hell out of each other

Things are are just going to get even more interesting.  Check out this clip from Episode 9: http://www.nick.com/videos/clip/legend-of-korra-109-find-the-avatar-clip.html  Tarrlock just doesn’t quit!  This gives me goosebumps!  What is he up to?!

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