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The Legend Of Korra Episodes 2-7

Yeah, what that says.

The Legend Of Korra just gets better with each episode.  More and more fun and revelations propelling the plot forward at a great pace, revealing just enough for those OMG moments but still leaving you guessing.   It’s also been doing a great job with character and story development with loving tributes to The Last Airbender and great action.  I find myself edging closer and closer to the screen with each episode and grabbing Venessa’s arm with excitement!  Now for a quick recap of episodes 2-7 and my thoughts.  Lots and lots of thoughts of course!


Ep. 2 A Leaf in the Wind
Korra begins her airbending training, and learns a little Pro-bending along the way.

We get to see airbending training at last!  Except Korra’s not all that good at it.  But that’s okay because she joins a Pro-bending team.  And she’s not all that good at it either.  Kidding!  She just needed to learn the rules and she learned them the hard way.  But Tenzin realizes this is probably what she needs to help with her airbending training.

Be the leaf, Korra!

This is when Korra meets brothers Mako and Bolin.  Bolin immediately has the hots for Korra, but Korra has eyes for Mako.  I’m sure you can guess where this will lead...

Ep. 3 The Revelation
Bolin is taken by Equalists and Mako turns to Korra for help to find him and together they discover just what Amon is capable of.

It's Zuko!

Gangsters in Republic City were introduced in Episode 1 when they were tormenting a shop owner and Korra stepped in to teach them a lesson.  But I didn’t notice any of their names until this episode.  There was Shady Shin and Lightning Bolt Zolt!  And let’s not forget the gang names: Triple Threats!  Red Monsoons!  Agni Kai!  And a Turf war brewing!  I love it!  But it didn’t last long because...

Dun dun dunnnnnn... we learn part of Amon’s plan and it’s not just incapacitating benders with chi blocking.  He can take their bending away!  So far as we know, only the Avatar can do so.  How is this possible?!

But if I got to ride around on a motorcycle like that, I'd be a chi blocker too

Ep. 4 The Voice in the Night
Korra joins a task force to stop the Equalist movement which leads to a frightening encounter with leader, Amon.

Tarrlok is part of the Republic City Council and tricks Korra to join the task force.  He is so sleazy.  I like it.  And who is this Yakone?  What did he do 42 years ago?  I must know!

We find that Bolin is the nicer of the two brothers and thanks Korra for saving him with a nice gesture of a cupcake and a flower.  And he’s not afraid to admit how scared he was.  Then we find out Mako is a gold digger.  Did you notice how self centered he was in this episode?  At dinner with Asami, he didn’t even ask anything about her.  It was all just him him him.  He didn’t even try to deflect it.  Then when he found who Asami’s father is... don’t even get me started.

And poor Korra!  That would be a frightening encounter with Amon all alone.  The flashbacks!  What are these about?!

Ep. 5 The Spirit of Competition
A lesson in why dating a teammate is never a good idea.

Teammates kiss and reveal their true feelings!  And Mako shows his true colors.  I’m really not liking him much.  And it was clear when Korra was hanging out with Bolin it was just as friends.  Bolin was trying to rush things a bit and got swept up in his emotions.  But I have to say, while over the top, him crying after seeing Korra and Mako kiss was both funny and sad.  Poor guy.  And you are right, Korra, it was not your fault.  If Mako did have feelings for you, he should have acted on them, instead of brushing you off.  What was Korra supposed to do, Mako?  Go home and mope for you?  I don't think so.  She went to hang out with Bolin.  So what?  They are friends.

Mako: I told you dating a teammate was a bad idea.
Bolin: You’re a bad idea!

Too true, Bolin.

It’s funny.  Mako blames Korra, yet Bolin blames Mako for the kiss.  I wonder... has Mako’s Mysterious Loner Dude (Credit for this belongs to FYA) persona attracted a lady or two away from Bolin? 

Ep. 6 And The Winner Is...
It’s the Pro-bending finals and it’s explosive!

Oh my goodness, so good!  The tournament was great and I was literally on the edge of my seat.  This game needs to be real!  It’s almost as exciting as the Quidditch games we got in the Harry Potter movies.  Then, THEN, the Equalists attacked and gah, it was awesome and I kept waiting for Korra to go into the Avatar State but it didn’t happen and I was bummed but her fighting alongside Lin Beifong was AMAZING!  This show just gets better!  And more flashbacks!  (And lots of exclamation points!)  I NEED to know what these flashbacks are about!  Toph seemed very upset about something in them and Aang was about to lay down the law.  I NEED TO KNOW!!!!!

And how is Amon able to take away bending?!  I’m getting impatient here!!!!!

Ep. 7 The Aftermath
Korra suspects Hiroshi Sato of Equalist sympathies.

Another exciting episode.  I still believe Mako is very self centered, thinking Korra is jealous of him and Asami and that would be the only reason she would suspect Asami’s father for Equalist leanings.  Ha, right back at you Mako!  Korra was RIGHT!  Women are always right, of course.  When will men learn this?  I swear, Mako is so frustrating, but him and Bolin working together so they weren't stuck at the kids table was cute.  Mostly because of Bolin and how genuinely nice that guy is.

I really like that Korra and Asami are getting to know each other... over car racing!: (I love that M.I.A. song)

Now I’m about to drop some very complex math equations on you (not really):

Lin +Tenzin + Korra  + fighting together = AWESOME

And now Lin is going rogue! OH. MY. GOD.  I may resort to nail chewing.

Favorite moments/thoughts:

Love the old timey news reel recaps in the beginning.

And I always wait to watch the end credits because the music is so beautiful and soothing.

And shots like this!:

Air Temple Island

I mentioned how I’m looking forward to Korra entering the Avatar State but I forgot to mention her communicating with her past lives.  This will be a great opportunity for us to see Aang!

Interesting situation with the flashbacks Korra had.  How were they triggered?  Something like that never happened to Aang.  He was usually in the Avatar State or in the Spirit World when it did but he relived events and they didn't look like the quick flashes of memory Korra was seeing.  Is it some new secret of the Avatars that we haven’t seen or explored yet?  What what what?!  I’m dying to know!

Bolin was pretty grateful to Korra for saving him from Amon, which was really sweet.  But where was Mako?  Did he even say thank you to Korra after she helped him find Bolin?

I rewatched some episodes over again and I have to say I’m not all impressed with Mako or Bolin’s bending.  It seems weak, especially comparing Mako and Zuko, who at the time of A:TLA and LoK, are close in age, but Zuko always seemed more powerful.  Maybe because Zuko was so angry all the time?  But compare Bolin and Haru (I wouldn’t dare try to compare him to other earth benders like Toph or Bumi, that wouldn’t be fair), Haru’s bending looked more powerful as well.  I mean, the street fights between Mako and Korra against the chi blockers are fun and exciting, but I think most of the excitement comes from the motorcycles riding through the streets, not any earth or fire bending going on.   I mean, go back and look at the Agni Kai of Zuko and Zhao, then of Zuko and Azula; those were great!  But it could be that Mako and Bolin have to hold back during the pro-bending matches, and again Mako and Korra are holding back because, even if a chi blocker can fight back, they are not benders.

Also, during the re-watch, I realized that the two times Amon is shown taking a benders power away it’s not very dramatic.  He places his thumb between their eyes and that’s it, their power is gone.  When Aang took Fire Lord Ozai’s power, there was a fantastic light display.  This could have been because Aang was in the Avatar State, but I’m suspecting that Amon has found a way to permanently block the power through chi blocking, or rather Amon can block their chakra.  Tahno has gone to many healers who have told him it’s permanent.  But look at him.  He’s got dark circles under his eyes and he just seems to have no energy.  Of course he's depressed but I think it's because his power is blocked, it’s stagnating and eating him up from the inside.  A healer may not be able to help because maybe the people of Republic City have forgotten their spiritual side.  And maybe they haven’t realized it’s not going to take the type of healing they are used to but someone like Guru Pathik who led Aang to unblock his seven chakras.  Or maybe spirit water and a healer like Katara might help.  She was able to revive Aang after he was hit by Azula’s lightning bolt while in the Avatar State and he was technically dead. <- THIS.  I find this theory interesting.  What if Aang did do something to bury the Avatar State?  I am very fascinated by this.

Well that’s it so far.  It looks like there will be no new episode Saturday so in the meantime I think I’m going to listen to Bad Girls on an endless loop.

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