Thursday, April 26, 2012

New On The Shelf: The Limited Edition

Well, I’ve been very good lately and I haven’t bought too many books since my last New On The Shelf.  During one of my daughter’s softball practices, my husband and I wandered over to a shopping center for some caffeine.  Of course, it was just an excuse to check out the used bookstore, My Favorite Books, which I hadn’t been in yet!  And it was worth it!  I found two Discworld books, The Light Fantastic and Going Postal by Terry Pratchett, as well as Zoe’s War by John Scalzi.  An interesting tidbit I learned at the bookstore: There are certain author’s books who don’t stay long on the shelves and Pratchett is one of them, so I was really happy that I found these two before someone else got to them.

 After watching The Legend of Korra, I had done some research prior to my write up for it to make sure I had certain facts right.  I learned of the graphic novel Avatar: The Last Airbender – The Promise Part 1 that bridges the two series together.  Naturally I had to get a copy for myself so Venessa and I headed over to Barnes and Noble.  I didn’t tell my husband what I planned on getting, I wasn't even sure they would have a copy, so when we returned he looked at me funny and said, “I thought you were getting something for yourself?”  I did!  It was in the Graphic Novel section, which is right next to the Sci Fi/Fantasy section!  Not the kids section!  I can’t help it if it’s something we can both enjoy! (Geez, don't get so defensive, Sarah!)

 This Kid needs her fingernails trimmed!

After enjoying The Dead Man: Face Of Evil, and having received it for free, I went to the Kindle store to see what else I could get for free that looked interesting.  I got Wolverine’s Daughter by Doranna Durgin and The Illustrated Book Of Wrath Volume 1 by Robin Coe.

Then the Sony Reader Store had a 35% off code to redeem with select titles.  One of those was The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan and I couldn’t resist.  This will be a good one to read with Venessa (I say that a lot, don’t I?).  I read it a few years ago when it was just that one and The Sea Of Monsters and really liked it.  I ended up donating my physical copy and I've regretted it so I had to jump on this deal.

I also checked out Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman for an upcoming group read that is part of the Once Upon A Time Challenge.  Anyone is welcome to join.  And hopefully soon I’ll be receiving The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms by N.K. Jemisin.  I ran across it at B&N a few months ago and it’s been haunting me so I finally gave in and requested it from the library.  But man, am I itching to buy my own copy even if I haven’t read it yet! 

Out of all of these, I’ve already read the Avatar graphic novel and I read it a second time aloud to Venessa.  I’ll post a Storytime With Venessa to discuss what we thought of it soon.  I also started on The Illustrated Book Of Wrath but I don’t know… It has some lovely illustrations but Famine rambles a lot in the beginning and it’s real tiresome.  I don’t know if I can continue through much more of it to see if he stops.

So, that’s what’s been added to my collection.  Lots of good stuff I can’t wait to get to!


  1. Good stuff! Especially fun to see Zoe's Tale there. You've read the other three Old Man's War books, right?

    I need to read more Pratchett. I've only ever read his collaboration with Gaiman, Good Omens, which was terrific. I know that I like his style of humor but have never bothered to read any of his Discworld books.

    1. I haven't read the Old Man's War books yet but I really want to. I really liked Fuzzy Nation and Scalzi's style so I've been keeping my eye out for any other books of his.

      I've only read one Discworld and really liked it a lot. With Scalzi and Pratchett, it's only taken one solo work from each to make we want to read everything they've written.