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Game of Thrones Season 2

Finally watched the latest 2 episodes of the second season of Game of Thrones and I am very happy with what is going on.  Well, except for the soft porn/incest bits but hey, whatever floats your boat (and apparently it floats a lot of boats because each episode has had somewhere around 3 million + viewers.  And it's not like I can talk considering I'm sitting here watching it too!).  Anyways, there’s lots more to talk about than all that.  Here are my thoughts with what’s been set up so far because I just really need to get these thoughts out of my head.

Warning: There will be spoilers from the show and I’ll try not to reveal too much of what’s to come based on the book, A Clash of Kings, but tread carefully just in case:

Direwolves and Dragons and red comets, oh my!

The direwolves have grown!  And because of that don’t expect to see them that much, as evidenced by the very short appearances of Grey Wind, Ghost and Summer.  I can imagine animating a fully grown direwolf will take some money and they need to stretch their budget for what will be an epic last few episodes.  Even though we only got brief glimpses of them, I think they were done well.

And dragons!  We only got to see one but it was worth it and so adorable!  More baby dragons!  And like the direwolves, don’t expect to see a lot of them because they need to save the money for important events that will occur later.

And there’s also a red comet.  What does it mean?  It’s an omen, of course!  But for what?  Oh, I don’t know…

In Winterfell, you’re never too young to tell old people to go away and be quiet

Bran holding court and looking bored, as would most people.  I liked his “dream” as he saw things through the eyes of his direwolf.  Foreshadowing!  Pay attention to this!

The Khaleesi in the Red Waste with a dead horse and severed head… Good times!

Poor, poor, Daenerys.  I remember thinking how the hell is she going to get out of this mess when reading the books.  But she’s strong.  Keep an eye on her.

King’s Landing is just a huge brothel with baby killers, backstabbers and people who need to mind their own business

Tyrion you little scamp.  Between seasons and having not read any more of the Song of Ice and Fire series, I forgot how much I missed you and your snark and wisdom.  Keep an eye on this guy too.  He has more in store that will surprise you.  I liked Cersei flexing some muscle with Littlefinger.  But, Cersei, why did you change your mind?!  Littlefinger is a jerk and not just because of what he did to Ned in Season 1 but what he ends up doing in the future.  He’s awful.

And Joffrey, you totally deserved this: (the 2nd slap heard round the world)

On the road with Arya and Gendry

I was reading another min-recap of Episode 2 and they are shipping Arya and Gendry.  Okay, honestly, I was thinking this same thing as I read the book, that this is something George R.R. Martin has in mind for the future, when Arya is of age of course.  Say, when she’s thirty!  The whole scene between Gendry and Arya is pretty much right from the book though in the show Gendry was teasing Arya where in the book I think he seemed more ashamed and apologetic for being so crude around a Lady.  And keep an eye on that Jaqen H’ghar too.  I mentioned a while back that Arya scares me, but in that wonderfully don’t-mess-with-her way.  This is where it all begins.  But oh my gosh, I want to spoil what happens with Arya and Gendry but I won’t and it’s going to drive me crazy not saying anything!

Dragonstone bonfires are kind of boring.  Where were the s’mores?!

The quicker we get Stannis off of Dragonstone the better.  The burning of the old gods was not all that dramatic.  But I guess they have to save money for what’s to come later this season.  DO NOT STOP WATCHING THIS SHOW IF YOU WANT TO KNOW WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT.  When reading the book I imagined Stannis and Davos maybe about 10 years younger, but they both look rugged enough, like they’ve been there, done that and are filling in the characters from the book nicely.  Also, from what I remember in the book, Melisandre is pretty close to how she was described and how I imagined her.  To wrap this part of the story up all I’ll say is Davos is a great sidekick.

On the Iron Islands with Theon Greyjoy who almost made me give up on the books

So, Book 1 completely sucked me in and I charged into Book 2.  In Book 1, Theon seemed cool, a good guy to have by your side (there was none of that ridiculousness with Ros from Season 1).  So I thought, cool, Theon is going to get his own storyline, we’ll get to know him and he’ll help Robb.  Wrong.  Sure we get to know him, which then leads to you hating him.  The whole ship scene in episode 2 is very short (thank goodness) yet accurate enough from the book and it’s that part when I stopped reading and for two weeks I went into a reading funk, wondering if I could bring myself to return after being so disappointed with Theon.  But I went back I was rewarded (a.k.a. grossed out) with his advances toward his sister, accurately portrayed in the show, unfortunately.  And it just gets worse but at least we’re done with gross inappropriate fondling with his sister, and I guess he’s not really at fault because he didn’t know it was his sister but still, feeling up a complete stranger, Theon?  Yes, you are at fault because you’re a pig.  But Theon fully deserves what happens to him eventually and that is all I’ll say.  So don’t worry, this jerk is dealt with but not until after he makes a big mess.

John Snow beyond the Wall where there are more gross men

Why are the men so disgusting in this series?  Ugh.  And why can’t I stop watching/reading about it?  I don’t know, there must be something wrong with me because now we have to deal with Craster, the weirdo who marries his daughters and only keeps the female babies when they are born.  Where are the boys?  Take a wild guess.  It’s not that hard to imagine if you remember how Season 1 Episode 1 began.  And oh yeah, the Night Watch is looking for Benjen, or at least asking about him.  Remember him?  Headless Ned’s brother?  I’m surprised the show and the book, and myself, actually remembers him as these storylines become more and more layered and complicated.

So far, just two episodes into Season 2, everything is being set up nicely for what is to come.  And I’m super excited because HBO is set for Season 3 and I know I’ve said this before too and I’ll say it again, Season 3 is where it’s at.  Seriously, this is when, if you’ll pardon my French, the poo hits the fan!

Hey, I just remember it’s in Book 2 that the Reeds are introduced!  Can’t wait to see them!  At least I hope they get introduced.  From my “extensive” internet research, I haven’t seen who has been cast to play Jojen and Meera Reed.

King/Queen count: 7

Joffrey Baratheon
Daenerys Targaryen
Robb Stark
Renly Baratheon
Stannis Baratheon
Mance Rayder
Balon Greyjoy

Did I leave anyone out?

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