Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Storytime with Venessa: Video Review of The Trouble With Tink

This episode of Storytime With Venessa features a video review of The Trouble With Tink, part of the Disney Fairies series of books! Take it away, Venessa!

Additional thoughts about this book from a parent’s point of view: This was a fun book. It's a cute story of Tink losing her hammer and too afraid to tell anyone and the trouble she got into for keeping it secret. There was even an appearance from Peter Pan which was fun and Tink still doesn't like “The Wendy". However, this is one of those tongue-tied books that make it difficult to read aloud at times. You try reading “fast-flying-talent fairy” or “pots-and-pans-talent fairy” fives times fast! Or have them all clustered in one sentence!

Now we're off to read The Emerald Atlas together!


  1. Venessa's adorable with her missing teeth. Can't wait for her next video review of Emerald Atlas.

  2. Ditto what Michelle said, and tongue twister phrases could be even more difficult :) I really liked the way she directed herself to "say it louder" at the beginning :) Thanks, Sarah, for a great show and review!

  3. Thanks :) She's becoming very camera-ready and I try to make it fun for her.